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School Data & DfE Statistics

The League Tables published in January 2018 and based on 2017 results highlight three key sections of data. attainment 8, progress 8 and grade 5+ for Basics (English and maths GCSE) .  In South Bristol (seven secondary schools) based on the new attainment 8 measure, St Bernadette achieved the highest result of 43 points, and on the governments new Grade 5+ for English and maths a score of 35% was also the highest in the South of the city.  The school has a recorded progress 8 score of -0.52 and shows the school as well below average, it is however the third highest of the schools in South Bristol.

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) have released a statement noting their caution with this years’ league table which includes the following comments ‘Secondary school performance tables due to be published on Thursday 25 January cannot be compared to the previous year because of GCSE reforms and changes to performance measures.’  ASCL go on to highlight that ‘changes to Attainment 8 mean top grades (A* and 9) score more than in the previous year, while grades B-F score less than in 2016.’ ASCL also comment on the fact that “the number of schools falling below the floor standard of -0.5 will rise to 366 from 282 (in 2016).’ Finally, ASCL state that ‘a dip in a school’s Progress 8 scores does not necessarily mean a dip in performance.”

We would like to add to ASCL’s comments to reassure parents and carers that whilst we take 2017 results very seriously and are consistently striving to improve outcomes that a note of caution is necessary. These results are from a year when there has been significant change to maths and English curricula and the calculation method changed that is used to make these comparisons. It should also be remembered that this headline score does not reflect the intake of a school. For example nationally, on average girls achieved a progress 8 score of +0.24, boys -0.18, students with English as an additional language (EAL) scored +0.50 and students whom receive pupil premium funding scored -0.40. We should therefore take into account that at St Bernadette we have an even gender balance, below the national percentage of EAL students and around the national average percentage of pupil premium students.  Nor does this measure, currently, take account of students that are included within the school’s results but have not been able to study at the school, for example where they may be in hospital education.  The instability of the new progress measure, in light of further changes to calculations and the curriculum, will continue over the next few years.

When using the old C grade equivalent, Grade 4, 75% of students have achieved English or Maths. Twenty percent of students achieved above a grade 7 in English or Maths. The percentage achieving the English Baccalaureate has increased from 2016; 16% achieved a standard pass and 13% a strong pass on this measure. The percentage of students achieving top grades (A*-A)  has also increased from 15.4% in 2016 to 16.2% in 2017. 

The Department for Education also provide an analysis of key school data including a snapshot of performance at St. Bernadette School. This website can be used by governors, parents and by members of the public to check the performance of the school. To access the information provided for St Bernadette please select the following link

At St. Bernadette we want all of our students to achieve their best, we have a challenging and academic curriculum and comprehensive raising achievement system. In 2018 and onwards we will be looking to improve on all of the performance measures in the league tables. However, the students in our care and achieving the best outcomes and all round standard of education remain our first priority.

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