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Ready to Learn

We are introducing some changes to how we do things at St Bernadette’s.  These changes are linked to our school rules and designed to help you make the most of school life, while becoming a more responsible individual.

Our Excellence Wheel provides a focus for us and our school rules help everyone to understand what it means to be a St Bernadette’s pupil.

A St Bernadette’s pupil:

  1. Treats everyone and everything with respect
  2. Is polite
  3. Works hard and allows others to do the same
  4. Wears the school’s uniform correctly and with pride
  5. Moves around the school in a calm, sensible way
  6. Is on time and equipped for learning
  7. Listens carefully and follows staff instructions
  8. Keeps the school clean and tidy

In short as a St Bernadette’s pupil we expect you to:

  • Be prepared
  • Be polite
  • Work hard

Most of you do this all the time and make a strong contribution to our school.  Thank you for this.

Through the School Council many of you have told us that you want greater consistency across the school in dealing with pupil behaviour and minimising disruption to learning.  To further support this and to help you achieve the excellence of which you are capable, we are introducing Ready to Learn at St Bernadette’s.

What is Ready to Learn?

  • Ready to Learn has at its centre the belief that as a pupil of our school, you must take responsibility for your actions and make positive choices.  You have to learn, allow the teacher to teach and allow others to learn too.
  • You show you are Ready to Learn and get things right or face the consequences.
  • There will not be lots of chances. We will no longer have C1-C5s and lots of warnings.  There will be one chance and you either choose to get it right, or choose to get it wrong and face the immediate consequences.
  • Consequences cover situations both in and out of the classroom.
  • You will continue to be rewarded for getting it right.


  • Keep the school rules- be prepared, be polite, work hard
  • Be on time for school and every lesson.  You have three minutes to get to the lesson.
  • Wear all of the correct uniform, all of the time.
  • Have the correct equipment – everyone must have at least a pen, a pencil and a ruler in every lesson
  • Take responsibility for your choices and actions
  • If a member of staff asks you to do something, you must do it. 

If you break a school rule in class you will be given a warning and your name will be written on the board.  If further disruption or breaking of school rules continues you will be asked to leave and make your way to the Isolation Room.  You have three minutes to ensure you get there.

If you break a rule in social time or between lessons, the member of staff will tell you that you have a “Red card”, and that you must serve a 20-minute lunchtime detention at the start of the next lunch-hour (either that day or the next day).  If you are not sure whether you have a red card detention, you should check the “Red Card Detention” list, which is on the wall outside the Achievement Coordinators’ Office.

If you are sent to the Isolation Room you will spend the equivalent of a whole school day there and will have to complete an after school detention lasting one hour.  You will have to hand over your mobile phone upon arrival at the room and will be expected to spend the day working in silence.

If you are sent to the Isolation Room on more than three occasions, further consequences including extended isolation and exclusion will apply.

All pupils will be placed on a Behaviour Stage according to the number of incidents they accumulate.  The vast majority of pupils will make positive choices and will not be on a behaviour stage.  If you do misbehave, fail to respond to support and continue breaking rules, you will not be allowed to remain at the school.

Look out for more information about Ready to Learn coming to you soon

Our Ready to Learn video is available HERE.

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