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KS4 Pathways

The Pathways Form opened Friday 13th March and will close Friday 20th March. Only students will be able to access the form as they are required to enter their school email and password. The form is not first come first served so please ensure your son/daughter has thoroughly considered their choices. If your son/daughter would like to amend their choices they need to resubmit the form and the old form will be deleted. Any special requests should be made in the notes section of the form. If you are having trouble viewing the form please try logging out of all other accounts.

FAQ's from students and parents:

  • Can choose more than one subject from a pathway block?
    • The requirement is that all students study at least one language or a humanity. Those doing the red pathway are encouraged to study a language and a humanity. If a student wishes to request a combination of subjects then they can add this to the comments section of the pathways form. 
  • How many subjects do I study?
    • Red pathway- 10 subjects
    • Blue pathway- 9 subjects
    • Purple pathway- 7 or 8 subjects
  • How are the groups selected?
    • The groups are selected based on timetable and class size restrictions. I aim to provide all students with their first choices in all areas but at times this is not possible. This is why it is important that you pick both first and second choices you 

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