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Data Protection

On Tuesday 15th May 2018, the Governing Body approved a new Data Protection Policy to reflect the change in legislation to the new General Data Protection Regulation. You will find a copy of the policy by clicking here.

St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School have a duty to inform pupils, parents and staff about the data we hold about them and the reasons why we need that data. We do this in the form of a Privacy Notice. You can access these Privacy Notices by clicking the relevant link below:

Privacy Notice - Pupils

Privacy Notice - Parents / Carers

Privacy Notice - Staff

Consent to Process Data

One of the most significant changes to Data Protection legislation is that when a child reaches the age of 13, they are considered mature enough to make their own decisions about providing consent to organisations to process their data.

St Bernadette's only relies on consent for three items of data (publishing / displaying photographs, using biometric details at the canteen and 'Additional Services' in their school Google account.

At the end of each academic year, Year 8 pupils will be asked for their consent for each of these three items. We will inform parents/carers about this and send them the information that is being provided to their child. We highly recommend that parents/carers speak to their child about the decisions they are going to make.

If a pupil would like to use the biometric system to identify themselves at the school canteen but have previously withheld their consent for St Bernadette's to store that data, they will need to complete the attached form: Biometric Consent Form and hand it in to the main office.

Subject Access Request

If you would like to make a Subject Access Request, we ask that you complete our Subject Access Request Form which can be accessed by clicking here. Please then send your form to

Right to Erasure

If you would like to make an application to have your data erased under the 'Right to be Forgotten' section of the General Data Protection Regulation, we ask that you complete our Right to Erasure Form which can be accessed by clicking here. Please then send your form to

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