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Attendance and Punctuality

Excellent attendance at school is the best foundation for success in all aspects of our pupils' learning.  We expect every pupil to attend  every day they are able to and set the acceptable level of attendance at 95%. We do understand that illness is a factor and pupils should only be absent from school when they are unable to get up at all.  Minor illnesses such as coughs and colds are not a reason to stay home.  If pupils require medication during the day they can hand it in to the office at the beginning of the day and access it when it is needed.  Absences for longer than two days will require medical evidence. 

Medical appointments can be difficult to schedule but should as far as possible be made outside of school time.  If it is not possible to make appointments outside the school day please ensure your child attends before and or after their appointment so they miss out on the least amount of learning possible. 

If your child is going to be late because of illness or an appointment please provide them with a note.  Poor punctuality with no good reason will be followed up with a red card detention at lunchtime. 

Holidays cannot be authorised during school time. If holidays are taken during this time penalty notices will be issued if they meet the criteria for absence.  The penalty notices are issued for each child separately and for each eligible parent. If any exceptional circumstances exist please put these in writing to the Attendance Officer Mrs K. Bennett. 

Should you have any questions regarding your child's attendance please contact your child's tutor or the relevant Achievement Coordinator in the first instance. 

Please remember that every day counts for your child's learning and gaining the best qualifications they can. 

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