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Virtual Praise Wall

During the lockdown in 2021, we are pleased to be able to share some fantastic work that has been completed by our students!

We've had some further excellent examples of cooking and baking over half term, including some pancakes from Josh (and a hungry looking dog waiting for the flip to fail!).


Our artists have once again been working hard and submitting some outstanding work. The various classes have been working on shading, Hundertwasser and Op Art among other things. We are sure you'll agree their work is fantastic!





Students in Maths have been using the Hegarty Maths website during this period of remote learning. The Maths faculty have been really impressed with the dedication shown and the amount of effort being put into learning. They have nominated the following students for a special mention!

Students with the greatest learning time on Hegarty Maths:
Malakai (Y8)     Eloise (Y10)     Roman (Y7)     Arifa (Y11)     Alfie (Y8)     Kian (Y11)     Kimberly (Y11)     
Ledina (Y8)     Karla (Y11)     Dupri (Y11)     Lucie (Y10)     Charles (Y10)     Allen (Y10)     Margherita (Y11)                Ava (Y10)   Grace (Y11)   Adrian (Y7)   Imogen (Y10)   Kristiyan (Y8)   Franck (Y9)   Finley (Y11)   Aiysha (Y10)

Students who have done the most reattempts to improve their scores:
Alfie (Y8)    Miya (Y7)    Marnie (Y10)    Kian (Y11)    Lillie (Y7)    Emily (Y11)    Carolina (Y7)    Phoebe (Y8)            Malakai (Y8)    Alfie (Y7)    Jacob (Y8)    Finley (Y11)    Jessica (Y11)    Cheyanne (Y8)    Isaac (Y9)    Angelos (Y7)  Vrushab (Y7)

Well done to the following students for their effort on Memri, ensuring that they are completing revision questions in addition to their normal tasks
Alfie (Y8)    Leona (Y7)    Joseph (Y7)    Connor (Y7)    Arifa (Y11)    Arthur (Y7)    Jessica (Y11)    Freyah (Y10)
Carolina (Y7)    Chloe (Y11)    Aamna (Y7)    Kaylub (Y7)    Sameeha (Y8)

We would also like to acknowledge the following students for making the best of the Hegarty Videos to help them with their tasks:
Ava (Y10)    Curtis (Y7)    Joshua (Y7)    Lucie (Y10)    Izabella (Y8)    Alfie (Y8)    Finley (Y11)    Aamna  (Y7)
Katie (Y11)    Kian (Y11)    Desmond (Y7)    Jake(Y7)

Congratulations also to Alfie (Yr 8) on his efforts on Fix Up 5. This is a great way to revise and improve your weaker topics from your past studies.

Other teacher special mentions
Mrs Johnson

Thalia (Y8) has completed an exceptional amount of work to a high standard independently and regularly completes extension work to build her understanding further.

Kimberly, Nathan and Madison have shown excellent learning skills throughout lockdown by getting in contact via Google Classroom or Hegarty if they have struggled with tasks, never allowing a task to pass them by without fully understanding it and scoring Amber/ Green on Hegarty.

Rosie, Antony, Love and Leon for being so keen to challenge themselves after getting in contact with their teacher on several occasions for extension work.

Mrs O’Connor
Yr 11

Kian, Helena and Charlie for their ambition this term.
Chinnu for all her extra work on PLC tasks.
Shayna for being proactive in seeking help and using comments on Hegarty. 

Yr 9
Zara, Sophie, Dylan and Chloe for sustaining great levels of independence throughout the term. 

Yr 8
Harry for super independent work throughout the term.
Sydney for her ambition throughout the term.
Vania, Phoebe and Thalia for their resilience and determination with tricky tasks. 

Our fantastic artists have been at it once again, with some more amazing Scream interpretations, Hundertwasser designs and still life patterns. We hope you agree that this selection is incredible!


Year 7 students have been looking at things everyone should know about food hygiene with Mr Hodge. They were asked to create a poster, and here are is an absolutely stunning piece of work!


Year 10 have been busy looking at different types of networks and their hardware. Mr James could have picked loads of work to post here, so well done to his class! We've highlighted Bobbie, Charlie and Pawel on this post.


Zara in Year 9 has really impressed Mr James with this answer to his question. Well done Zara!

Aamna in Year 7 has produced a lovely piece written in the he/she form of the present tense including a wide range of adjectives and time phrases. Very impressive for only the second term of learning French! Well done Aamna!

In Year 11, students have been learning about the impact of technology on the environment, culture and ethics. They have had to do a lot of research into these areas and formulate responses to questions about the different areas of impact. The students have also learnt about the different laws that impact computer science. Some great responses and considerations. Well done all from Mr James!

In Year 9, students have been learning about the different forms of small business ownership. There has been a combination of teacher led videos, live lessons and self research tasks. The following students' work has shown excellent knowledge, understanding and effort. Well done from Mr James!


Our students have been busy working hard in History, and Mr McMullan has shared work from Deepa, Josh, Sophia and Neve which has really impressed him. Well done everyone!




Leo in Year 7 has come up with his own Home Workout Plan for the period of lockdown. It looks great, Mr Yandell is certainly impressed by the amount of exercise going on! Keep it up Leo!

The Chaplaincy team, in association with St Bernadette Parish, are running a Candlemas Competition (students should check their emails for details) where entrants are creating something - it could be a picture, a poem or anything! - on the them of 'Be the Light'. This is a good example of one entrant.

Alfie in Year 8 has spent time going back through his work and correcting answers on Hegarty Maths. Ms O'Connor has been really impressed with the determination and resilience in trying to get as many answers right as possible, well done Alfie!

Mr Hodge and Mrs Owen continue to be blown away by the standard of the Art work being submitted. It truly is impressive and we are so pleased to have so many talented artists in the school. Here is a selection of work that was completed including some interesting takes on 'Scream' and students making their own paint!





Ms Strachan and her English team have been putting together an English Praise Wall over the past few weeks, they have so many examples of good work to share with everyone! Follow this link to see what our students have been up to in English:

Our students have been incredibly busy in the kitchen during this lockdown, we love receiving photos of the delicious meals and cakes and puddings that have been made and baked. We have been giving out ingredient kits for students to use, look out for information from Ms Fox about these. 



Mr Hodge has once again been impressed by the standard of Art work that has been completed by students over the past couple of lessons. We have so many pieces that we could put on this page, but here is a selection from across the year groups.




Our students have been busy cooking this week again, this time an impressive range of scones, brioche buns, cottage pie, a berry pie for dessert and meatballs with pasta. Well done to Lucie, Tiegan and Owen!




Ms Whalley has once again been impressed with the work our pupils are completing in MFL. Brianne in Year 9 has shown ambition, a range of future tenses and independent research of new vocabulary. Kelly in Year 10 has produced a highly accurate piece of work about her local area which shows a good repertoire of vocabulary and structures.


Ms Edwards wants to say a huge well done to her pupils for the work they have been doing in MFL on verbs, foods and colours amongst other topics.



Ms Fox has been really impressed by even more cooking that has been done at home. These cupcakes by Francesca look absolutely delicious!

In Art, across the year groups students have been working on still life, texture and perspective. I think you can agree that we have some incredibly talented artists in the school! Breathtaking!



Marta in Year 11 has done some top work on Jewish festivals. Well done Marta, this is excellent!


Charlie has made what looks like a delicious loaf, and Lucie has made a very tasty lasagna. Great work folks, your families are very lucky being able to have great chefs in the house!


Mr Moutsioulis has been really impressed with the standard of work in his first week at the school. Students have been learning about rhythm, pulse and beats. 

Larissa in Year 9 has completed work on the future tense about New Year's resolutions. She has shown a good level of accuracy and variety of language. She has also shown commitment, determination and independence. Well done Larissa!


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