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Virtual Praise Wall

During the lockdown in 2021, we are pleased to be able to share some fantastic work that has been completed by our students!

Our students have been busy cooking this week again, this time an impressive range of scones, brioche buns, cottage pie, a berry pie for dessert and meatballs with pasta. Well done to Lucie, Tiegan and Owen!




Ms Whalley has once again been impressed with the work our pupils are completing in MFL. Brianne in Year 9 has shown ambition, a range of future tenses and independent research of new vocabulary. Kelly in Year 10 has produced a highly accurate piece of work about her local area which shows a good repertoire of vocabulary and structures.


Ms Edwards wants to say a huge well done to her pupils for the work they have been doing in MFL on verbs, foods and colours amongst other topics.



Ms Fox has been really impressed by even more cooking that has been done at home. These cupcakes by Francesca look absolutely delicious!

In Art, across the year groups students have been working on still life, texture and perspective. I think you can agree that we have some incredibly talented artists in the school! Breathtaking!



Marta in Year 11 has done some top work on Jewish festivals. Well done Marta, this is excellent!


Charlie has made what looks like a delicious loaf, and Lucie has made a very tasty lasagna. Great work folks, your families are very lucky being able to have great chefs in the house!


Mr Moutsioulis has been really impressed with the standard of work in his first week at the school. Students have been learning about rhythm, pulse and beats. 

Larissa in Year 9 has completed work on the future tense about New Year's resolutions. She has shown a good level of accuracy and variety of language. She has also shown commitment, determination and independence. Well done Larissa!


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