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Celebrating Good Work!

Some of the fantastic work our students are doing at home!


Our students have been busy cooking and baking again! Lucie in Year 9 has made a delicious looking spinach and mushroom quiche.


Oliver in Year 8 has been very busy making some tasty mini cheesecakes.

Charlotte in Year 10 has made some Cornish Pastys and a tray of millionaire caramel shortbread.


Maths Hegarty Heroes

Welcome to our final Hegarty Heroes edition of the year. It’s our last chance to celebrate lots of students for their continued hard work this year. We are proud of the work you have done and wish you and your families a happy and safe summer holiday.

Well done to these students who have built up the greatest number of hours learning with all of their hard work since the last Hegarty Heroes edition:

Malakai, Allen, Aleena, Kristy, Chloe, Omoyemwen, Mimi, Lalita, Charlie, Odelia

We are impressed with these students in particular for the effort they have put into retakes to improve their scores:

Sonny, Jacob, Leon, Isaac, Theo, Arifa, Ella, Gracie, Jack

These are the students who have spent the most time on Memri. Congratulations!

Reuben, Yaaseen, Sophia, Kristy, Allen, Alex

Well done to these students who have each answered the most questions correctly (at least 350!)

Aleena, Sonny, Leon, Isaac, Ella, Jacob, Aimy, Alfie, Charlotte, Libby, Sydney, Paul

These are the students who have made best use of the videos to support their learning

Omoyemwen, Lilly, Dylan, Phoebe, Connie, Chloe, Archie, Zara, Filippo

A special well done to the following classes in each year group as they have the most learning hours per pupil since 21st March, when you have not been in school. Congratulations to those classes and thank you to their teachers for supporting you so well during this time.

In Year 7: 7A2                     In Year 8:  8A3                   In Year 9: 9ad1                  In Year 10: 10A1

The class which used the comments facility best was: 10D1

The class which completed the most Memri tasks was: 9A1

The class which made the best of the videos to support them: 8ad3

Junior Maths Challenge

32 students in year 7 and 8 recently took part in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. This is a 60-minute, multiple choice competition held in exam conditions. It is not for the fainthearted; the problems are designed to make students think under pressure.

Normally held in school, the challenge had to be done under online conditions at home. Thank you to Mrs Mondair for organising the event and to Mr Heath for ensuring students were all able to access the website.

Congratulations to the following students who will receive a certificate of participation:

Helene, Bolu, Oliver, Angela, Santi, Love, Daisy, Evangeline, Leon, Oliver, Lizzie, Isaac, Bailey, Daisy, Kylie, Justyna, Callum, Godwin, Dylan, Izabela, Jayden and Nathan.

Five of those entered scored enough points to earn a bronze certificate. Congratulations to:

Ciaran, Charlotte, Theo, Leo and Harrison.

Congratulations also to the following three silver certificate achievers:

Kunal, Rishikesh and Antony.

Lionel and Kimberley earned 102 and 103 points respectively, so they achieve a Gold Certificate. Very well done indeed.

Challenge yourself with the question below, which appeared on last year’s Junior Maths Challenge (the answer is available on the website):

On Aoife’s 16th birthday, Buster was three times her age. On Aoife’s 21st birthday, how old was Buster?
A 32    B 48    C 53    63    E 64

Further information about the Trust and its activities visit






Charlotte in Year 10 has been working really hard on her Maths during the lockdown period. Ms O'Connor loved the hard work, effort and achievement that Charlotte has managed, well done Charlotte!


Nicola in Year 8 has also been doing some great work using Hegarty Maths. Mrs Mondair was really impressed with the level of work and the detailed working out that was displayed, well done Nicola!



Year 7 RE students have been learning about Hinduism in the past few lessons. Neve in Year 7 has done this research on Hindu Gods which has really impressed Mr Murphy. Well done Neve!


Mr Murphy has shared this poem about Black Lives Matter from Katie in Year 8. Students have been looking at current events in their PSHE lessons, and this thoughtful poem deserves to be shared with everyone. Well done Katie.


Mrs Whalley wants to congratulate the following students from their French lessons.

Helena and Madushaa - outstanding commitment to French work, resilience and independence throughout, taking proactive measures to ensure their success.

Emily, Sophia, Lucie and Sophia - work submitted promptly and to a good standard each week. They are claerly showing high levels of self motivation and determination.

Well done to all of you!


Mr Ford's Year 8 classes have been studying Jack the Ripper the last few weeks, and Mr Ford was really impressed with the work by Kylie and Kim that they completed for their assessment. Charles in Year 9 also combined Humanities and Food with his Durdle Door cake! Great stuff everyone, well done!



Arifa in Year 10 has been an extremely busy student over the past few weeks! The amount of Science work that she has submitted to Mrs Mondair is extremely impressive, as well as being thorough and well thought through. The examples below are just a small sample of what she has done!



Current Events

Students in 8 Hope were set a task 'Should statues of disgraced figures from history be removed?' Ms Brown was really impressed with the thoughtful, detailed and powerful responses that came in from members of her tutor group. The below work is from Isaac, Love and Oliver.


One of our keyworker bubbles completed some pottery today using clay. Their creations look very well made with a lot of care going into them. We're looking forward to them being fired next week in the kiln! Great stuff everyone!



The Maths faculty have been busy working through all the work that has been completed on Hegarty Maths over the past fortnight. A big well done to all of these students!

Students with the greatest learning time on Hegarty Maths:
Aleena (Yr11), Malakai (Yr7), Kristiyan (Yr7), Allen (Yr9), Alhaji (Yr9), Paul (Yr7), Leon (Yr8), Chloe (Yr7), Ellie (Yr9), Lalita (Yr7), Bulewu (Yr7), Nyasha (Yr9), Ledina (Yr7), Madushaa (Yr10), Charlie (Yr10), Aiysha (Yr9), Mimi (Yr8), Jodie (Yr8)

Students who have done the most reattempts to improve their scores: Bulewu (Yr7) Arifa (Yr10) Marnie (Yr9) Alfie (Yr7) Paul (Yr7) Jacob (Yr7) Jack (Yr9) Benjamin (Yr7) Gracie (Yr7) Frankie (Yr9) Theo (Yr7) Aleena (Yr11) Louis (Yr9) Malakai (Yr7) Leon (Yr8)

Well done to the following students for their effort on Memri, ensuring that they are completing revision questions in addition to their normal tasks: Sophia (Yr9) Holly (Yr10) Yaaseen (Yr9) Reuben (Yr7) Alex (Yr10) Arifa (Yr10) Charlie (Yr7) Kian (Yr10) Katie (Yr10) Lily (Yr10) Evie (Yr9) Hannan (Yr10)

We would also like to acknowledge the following students for making the best of the Hegarty Videos to help them with their tasks: Connie (Yr7) James (Yr9) Ben (Yr8) Lilly (Yr10) Alex (Yr7) Ledina (Yr7) Lucie (Yr9) Filippo (Yr7) Omoyemwen (Yr10) Zara (Yr8) Mimi (Yr8)

Congratulations also to Mia (Yr 10) on her efforts on Fix Up 5. This is a great way to revise and improve your weaker topics from your past studies.

Other teacher mentions:

Riley (Yr10), Lottie (Yr10) and Guy (Yr10) for using the comments function to communicate effectively with teachers.

Beatrice (Yr10), Ella (Yr10), Lubuyi (Yr9), Finley (Yr9), Sophie (Yr8) and Finn (Yr10) for being organised and on top of all their work.

Olivia (Yr7), Mollie (Yr10), Milly (Yr10) and Jenna (Yr9) and Leo (Yr7) for consistently completing tasks to a high standard.

Summer (Yr8) for consistently completing and requesting more work.

Lucy (Yr9), Chloe (Yr8) and Dylan (Yr8) for demonstrating resilience when working through difficult tasks


Mr Hodge has some more great pieces of work for us. This week a big congratulations to Poppy, Ethan and Sophia for their brilliant artwork.



Mr Spurrell has been really impressed with the work completed by a whole range of students in Year 7. A big well done must go to Callum, Poppy, Kristyan, Leah, Chloe, Aiden, Remi, Dimitra, Kira, Theo, Christian, Freya, Thalia, Gracie, Filippo, Bulewu, Amy, Louis, Harry, Alex, Jacob and Laurda. They have all completed some great work on spreadsheets this term.


A big well done to Filippo in Year 7 who has been completing lots of tasks whilst at home, including making fat balls for the birds visiting the garden, as well as growing and harvesting lots of herbs, fruit and vegetables including basil, tomatoes and carrots. 



Some more Art work for you now. Bradley, George and Sonny have all done some fantastic work for Mr Hodge which you can see here. I think we can agree that they are an extremely talented bunch! Well done chaps!



In Humanities, Year 7 have been studying the crusades. The students have been challenged to create their own shields and castles. Miss Belcher was particularly impressed with Kira's which you can see below. Well done Kira!



It has been another busy week in the kitchen for our students this week. Owen in Year 10 has cooked up a delicious Chinese curry, Arifa in Year 10 has baked a tempting banoffee pie and Kira in Year 7 has been particularly productive, cooking up toad in the hole, brownies and a beef wellington amongst other things. Well done everyone, some great talent there!




Year 10 have been doing some revision work in their Home Learning lessons lately, and Mr Nadin was really impressed with the notes and past questions that Beatrice completed. They are extremely thorough and show great dedication to preparing for her exams in the next year. Well done Beatrice!



Miss Belcher was really impressed with Ethan's work, where the students were asked to draw the same scene in different seasons. Great stuff Ethan!


Mrs Owen's Year 10 class have been hard at work during lockdown too. The below examples of Surrealism and other topics shows what a talented bunch they are! Amazing work everyone!









Mrs Rogers is really pleased to see some great creativity from Year 7 and 8. Helene and Filippo have been researching and designing great textiles items for Bristol Zoo and Year 8 have made a good start on looking at techniques and patterns for their Polynesian patterned Bags for Life.

Ben has taken on a challenge from the Bristol Old Vic Family Hub and made a  lovely Giraffe called Jeffrey, and Summer has followed a Jenny Urquhart demonstration on YouTube and created a fantastic Bristol Picture. Well done!




The Year 9 Graphics group has also been hard at work. Mrs Owen is really pleased with how lovely it is, and how much effort has gone into the work. Well done everyone!




Mrs Owen has been really impressed with the Art work submitted by so many students. The work below is a range from her classes at Key Stage 3 - 7 Hope, 8 Peace, 7SD2 and 8 Charity. Great stuff everyone, the work is of such a high standard!










Last week (8-12 June), Year 10 took part in a national initiative called 'My Week of Work'. This was put together in partnership with employers across the country and the Oak National Academy to provide Y10 pupils with a week of virtual work experience as their usual week of work experience had to be cancelled this year.

As part of this, Mr Leiblich set an activity called 'Careers in RE'. Arifa in Year 10 submitted this amazing piece of work and said "This task gave me a lot of insight to careers and the impact RE has on them. This lesson has taught me a lot and I am really thrilled. I finally understand a whole new relevance to RE as a subject to many jobs. Wow." Well done Arifa!

Bethany also completed some really good work that Mr Magner was really pleased with. Well done Bethany!



Mr Murphy was really pleased with the work completed in RE by Callum and Theo from Year 7. They have both examined whether or not Catholics need sacraments.



Ruby in Year 9 has been cooking again this week, this time making a beef stroganoff with mushrooms and pepper with rice. Looks great Ruby, keep up the good work!


Students with the greatest learning time on Hegarty Maths:

Aleena (Yr 11), Malakai (Yr 7), Kristiyan (Yr 7)Allen (Yr 9), Alhaji (Yr 9), Paul (Yr 7), Leon (Yr 8), Chloe (Yr 7),
Ellie (Yr 9), Lalita (Yr 7), Bulewu (Yr 7), Nyasha (Yr 9) Ledina (Yr 7), Madushaa (Yr 10), Charlie (Yr 10)
Aiysha (Yr 9), Mimi (Yr 8) and Jodie (Yr 8).

Students who have done the most reattempts to improve their scores:

Bulewu (Yr 7), Arifa (Yr 10), Marnie (Yr 9), Alfie (Yr 7), Paul (Yr 7), Jacob (Yr 7), Jack (Yr 9), Ben (Yr 7), Gracie (Yr 7)
Frankie (Yr 9), Theo (Yr 7), Aleena (Yr 11), Louis (Yr 9), Malakai (Yr 7) and Leon (Yr 8).

Well done to the following students for their effort on Memri, ensuring that they are completing revision questions in addition to their normal tasks

Sophia (Yr 9), Holly (Yr 10), Yaaseen (Yr 9), Reuben (Yr 7), Karla (Yr 10), Arifa (Yr 10), Charlie (Yr 7), Kian (Yr 10)
Katie (Yr 10), Lily (Yr 10), Evie (Yr 9) and Hannan (Yr 10).

We would also like to acknowledge the following students for making the best of the Hegarty Videos to help them with their tasks:

Omoyemwen (Yr 10), Connie (Yr 7), James (Yr 9), Ben (Yr 8), Lilly (Yr 10), Alex (Yr 7), Ledina (Yr 7), Lucie (Yr 9) and Filippo (Yr 7).

Congratulations also to Mia (Yr 10) on her efforts on Fix Up 5. This is a great way to revise and improve your weaker topics from your past studies.

Here are some examples of work completed at home on paper by Owen (Yr 10) and Garylee (Yr 9). Please continue to share some of the good work that you have been completing by emailing them to your maths teacher.



Jake in Year 7 is the latest person to really impress Ms Fox with their cooking skills whilst learning at home. He made some very tasty looking fajita wraps which we are very jealous of! Well done Jake!


Charity Work

We were really pleased to hear about this charity work that Tom in Year 7 has been doing over the past few months. He and his mum have been delivering food boxes to young people coming out of the care system. It is part of a project they got involved in with Caring in Bristol and Bristol City Council.

Some young people who have come out of foster care during the last few months are really struggling to stand on their own two feet. To help, they have been getting food boxes with produce packed at Ashton Gate Stadium.

We hear that Tom has got a lot out of it and realised that not everyone is able to put a meal on the table. It has helped build an appreciation of the charities that help them get by. Tom and his mum have been driving throughout Bristol and calling on homes, leaving the boxes on their door steps and following all social distancing protocols. 

Well done Tom!



Mr Ford was really impressed by the work on the Flying Pig Invention which was completed by Zara in Year 8. Looks like a very interesting idea! Well done Zara!


Jacob in Year 7 is the latest example of some amazing Food Tech work. That spaghetti bolognaise looks absolutely scrumptious! Well done Jacob!



Jenny in Year 10 has completed some great work that Mrs Woodley has asked to be shared. This work is on Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration and clearly shows how much effort has been put in to the work. Well done Jenny!




Miss Amesbury wanted everyone to see these great pieces of work that were completed in English recently. The first poem is inspired by the work of Benjamin Zephaniah. It is a 'Recipe poem' that explores the importance of diversity and equality and has been completed by a Year 7 student. The second poem (with the blue background) is another 'Recipe poem' by one of our year 8 students that explores the unique mix of ingredients that goes together to make friendship groups. We know that many of you will be missing your friends so hopefully this will remind you of good times and give you something to look forward to.






Miss Belcher wanted to recognise this piece of work by Sophie in Year 8 on the Industrial Revolution. The students had to draw an aspect of the life during that period. Well done Sophie!


Miss Mainwaring has received some excellent year nine compositions. Students were asked to create a song in whatever genre they wanted. She was especially impressed by Sophia, Lydia and Charles' songs for their diversity in style and musical structure. Very well done to all! 


Don't forget that any great English work is being posted on the English Faculty Website and can be accessed via this link: English Praise Wall


Miss Fox is being inundated with yet more examples of amazing baking and cooking. It seems we are going to have a generation of outstanding chefs very soon! Our latest examples of great work come from Isabelle in Year 8 who has baked some tempting lotus biscoff cupcakes, and Laurda in Year 7 who has been very busy, cooking scones, a cottage pie, a sausage casserole, a quiche and rice pudding! Well done to both of you!



Miss Fox has sent in some of the excellent work being completed by members of her classes. Dan, Lucie, Lizzie and Kylie have all impressed over the past couple of weeks with their end of unit assessments. Well done!




Some more Art for you now, as Mr Hodge has been really impressed with some of the entrances for the Loo Roll Challenge that have come in as well as the work that has been submitted. Well done everyone!



Our students have been hard at work baking some delicious looking cakes again! Ms Fox was extremely tempted by all of these snacks! James in Year 9 has made some Jaffa Cakes and a marble cake which look amazing.

Lucie, also in Year 9, made this very tasty looking Chelsea Bun for her family

Imogen in Year 9 has also been extremely busy, cooking up some extremely delicious looking treats as well as completing some impressive work on paper.



Miss Irvine was really impressed with Imogen in Year 9 who completed a virtual Race Around Spain and made a beautiful presentation on her research on the culture, geography and people of Spain.



Ms Brown wanted to acknowledge the fabulous work being done by her students. She said "The following students have made an outstanding commitment and shown immense determination in their Science studies. The skills they have developed in terms of independence, initiative and resilience will be of immense value as they continue in their education. I am SO impressed with them!

Year 9: Lubuyi, Odelia, Olivia, Ava, Emily C, Joe, Shaianna, and Jessica

Year 10: Charlie, Chloe, Ella, Alisha, Bethany, Clodagh, Hannan, Katie, Lilly-Jo, Luka, Madushaa, Mia W and Olivia.


Mrs Whalley would like to congratulate Madushaa and Ella in Year 10 for exceptional resilience and determination in completing role play and essay tasks this week. A big thumbs up also goes to Bobbie and Kelly in Year 9 for a consistently high standard of French work. Well done everyone!


Some more of the brilliant Art work that has been submitted over the past few weeks.



Summer in Year 8 created these paper aeroplanes as part of her investigation work and analysed her results with an excellent graph. Mrs Woodley was really impressed with the level of investigation! Well done Summer!




Miss Mainwaring has had a lot of absolutely stunning work submitted to her over the last few weeks. She would like to recognise all of the following students for their outstanding efforts:

Year 7
Helene, Remi, Louis H, Ben Y, Theo, Callum A, Chloe, Sydney, Christian, Jacob and Jake.

Year 8
Owen, Milly, Leon, Erica, Summer, Lewis, Kimberley, William, Jodie and Chloe.

Year 9
Sophia, Luca, Lucy, Charles and Evie.

Year 10
Holly, Lilly and Shannon.


Mr Hodge has been really pleased to see some of the amazing artwork that has been submitted across all year groups whilst learning at home, including the loo roll challenge! Special mentions go to Ruqaya, Finley, Emily, Ruby, Poppy, Sophia and Callum. There are so many pieces to showcase that we will keep updating the page with Art pieces over the next few days, but well done to everyone on the high standard of work being completed - it is absolutely brilliant!



Ms Fox has been impressed once again by some of the cooking and baking that is being completed at home. Lottie in Year 10 has been very busy, with brownies, cookies (wonderfully modelled by her little brother!), a coffee cake, lemon drizzle cake and cheese straws amongst her repertoire! Well done Lottie!


Isabelle in Year 8 has been hard at work too with an impressive array of products as well as some superb written work. A true chef in the making!



Gracie in Y7 made this delicious looking spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread. Well done Gracie!


Mrs Whalley is full of praise for the following students:

In Year 8 Kylie and Liam have shown great ambition and  a huge sense of responsibility in completing their MFL work to a fabulous standard. In Year 9 Evie, Emily, Lubuyi, Sophia, Emily, Lucie and Ruqaya have shown brilliant ambition and amazing independence in their work in MFL in the last few weeks. Finally, in Year 10 Carmelo, Guy, Finnian and Helena have demonstrated great commitment to their GCSE studies and shown an ability to work to a high standard independently. Well done to you all!


Miss Liddle would like to congratulate the following students for their effort and the work they have produced in her OCR Sports Studies class: Mia, Emily, Lottie, Kian, Woody and Margarita.


Honey and Jess in Year 7 completed some work on the sacraments and whether life has meaning that really impressed Miss Fox, as did Solomon in Year 9 with his work on Catholic Social Teaching.


Theresa in Year 10 completed this fantastic piece of work on Pilgrimage which Miss Fox really enjoyed reading through.


Mr Magner has said that "Year 10 students have continued with their study of our Philosophy of religion unit from home.  They learnt much of the unit independently, using their revision guide books and the lessons and activities set by their teachers.  At the end of the unit they have then had the opportunity to revise for and take the End of Unit Assessment, just as they would have if they were in school.

Many of the results have been excellent and showed high levels of scholarship.  A particular well done to Pheibee, Abby, Chloe, Finn, Macey, Charlie, Katie, Arifa, Beth and Libbie for the work they submitted."

Mr Magner wanted to show the work that Margherita submitted which was of a really high standard.




Mrs Ross wants to recognise Poppy in Year 9 for her answer to a 6 mark GCSE Biology question! Well done Poppy!

Mr Nadin was blown away by Helena's Chemistry work, all about reactions.


Guy also completed some excellent Chemistry work that Mr Nadin was really pleased with.


Ms Brown loved the work that Callum in Year 7 completed on mass and graphs.


Ms Brown was also really pleased with Theo's investigation work from the week 3 tasks for Year 7.



Mr McMullan was really impressed with this video that Charlie in Year 9 made regarding the timeline of World War II. 


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Bradley and Oliver also did some great work on the Home Front during World War II as well.


Phoebe in Year 7 made this model of a sword which is fabulous, and did some brilliant work on the Black Death too! 



Year 7 students continue to demonstrate excellence in their course. It is great to see such brilliant progress and a willingness to get stuck into challenging topics. Mr Stephens would like to give a special shout out to Angela, Helene, Szymon, Luca and Phoebe who have all demonstrated exceptional consistency and progress.

That brings us onto year 8 who are studying visual coding, including: variables, loops, functions & debugging.  Although many of these concepts are new, this has not stopped excellent outcomes for this practical work. Particular mentions go to Harrison, Kylie, Antony, Kimberley, Zara and Leo who continue to impress. Reward points are on their way!

As part of Computing in Year 9, students have been completing a learning journal about how the media industry works, when planning and creating digital content. A real world insight into: storyboards; scripts; client briefs and target audiences. Many have shown they would not be out of place working for production teams in Hollywood, with great creative skills and practical understanding or real life projects. Consistently excellent work has been really impressive. A big 'well done' to the following superstars: Kathryn, Kevin, George, Dhruv, George, Kelly, Daniel, Ellie, Bobbie, Sophie, Ruby & Evie.  It's been a joy to see such excellent work.




Year 10 Creative iMedia have also been hard at work, discovering the world of multimedia. Again demonstrating real work application, that will make them work ready to deliver future innovations in multimedia production. Lucy has produced some excellent work and continues to demand high standards of herself and Bilal has shown lots of resilience and determination in being the best he can be. Well done to both of them for their continued dedication.


Isabelle in Year 8 and Cody in Year 10 have done some excellent work on Icons and the Philosophy or Religion for Mr Murphy. He is very impressed with the amount of detail in the answers!



Computing - Year 10

Year 10 Computing students have been learning about programming, in particular selection within Python. There has been some great work with students creating a ticket program that automatically calculates the price of a ticket based on the age of a user. Excellent work done by Luka, Fin, Carmelo. Especially impressive have been the following three students who have developed their programming skills and even solved problems Mr James had not seen! Well done Karla, Siya and Holly.


Business - Year 10

Year 10 Enterprise and Marketing have been superb. They have used the video lessons Mr James has created to complete the end of the examination units and taken the end of year mock. This dedication and hard work is paying off for all those who are engaging with distance learning. The following students have complete all distance learning tasks for Enterprise and Marketing and have shown outstanding dedication to improving their own learning:

Siya, Jess B, Lottie, Abby, Karla, Olivia, Katie, Jenni, Luka, Emily, Ella, Mollie, Chinnu, Macey, Jess K, Kuba, Ann, Charlie, Carmelo, Hannan, Arifa (Arifa's work is the example below), Woody, Kian, Beth, Alisha, Jess V and Leo


Business - Year 9

Year 9 Business have been using teaching videos created by Mr James to complete online e-books via Google Classroom. Each lesson has culminated in a mini assessment that has tested students learning. There has been some excellent self study and determination with some students scoring Distinction grades! Well done to the following students who have shown outstanding knowledge and determination to learn: Poppy, Dan, James, Nyasha, Ellie, Yasir, Sophia, Olivia, Tin, Kevin, Aiysha, Dhruv, Emily, Lucie, Odelia and Jamie.


Sophia in Year 9 has completed accurate and thoughtful Drama work on a scene study from the play Blood Brothers. It is great to see how she has understood the character and her situation independently and explained her ideas and performance choices in detail. Well done, Sophia!



Our students have been busy cooking and baking at home during the lockdown, and Ms Fox has been inundated with photos of it all! Keep them coming! Well done to Fletcher, Lucie, Lizzie, Gracie and Freya in this latest selection!





French pupils in Year 7 & 8 were challenged to follow a recipe and instructions in French and recreate this delicious typical French dish! Don't they look delicious and it looks like they had a lot of fun making them too! 




Filippo in Year 7 has been attending some online Manga art classes (Japanese comic art) during the period of lockdown. He has been working hard on all the tips and advice they have given. Keep up the good work Filippo, there is definitely a talented artist at work here!



To see the amazing work being completed in English, visit their praise wall by clicking here


In Year 7, students have been completing an online course using the website. Some outstanding effort has gone in to some very tricky topics, and Mr Spurrell would like to congratulate Aiden, Callum, Chloe, Freya, Ben, Carl, Christian, Kira, Ben, Charlotte, Ciaran, Krystian, Poppy, Theo, Bulewu, Filippo, Sydney, Vania, Alex and Jacob for their achievements and hard work. Praise Points are on their way to you all!

Product Design

Year 9 students were set a challenge to develop an activity to help youngsters cope with having to stay indoors. Charles had a fantastic idea for a game which he developed in response to the Product Design brief set as home learning.


Food Technology

Here are some cakes that have been made by Ruby. Well done Ruby you have done an amazing job! 


Riley made scones for  VE Day, shortbread for the NHS and a Victoria sponge with buttercream. Excellent work Riley they all look really yummy!



As part of their Asdan course, some of Miss O'Shea's Year 10 group were set the tasks of making and decorating a cake that would be suitable for a celebration. Both Mia and Chloe took the challenge, with Mia making a very delicious looking chocolate brownie cake and Chloe making a sponge cake which was her way of thanking all the NHS staff who are doing and continue to do so much for us all.  Both girls cakes looked very appetising and made Miss O'Shea feel very hungry just looking at them. This will go towards their Bronze certificate.



We are really impressed with the work so many of you have been doing at home. If you are working on Hegarty, we can see all of your scores, whether you are watching the videos and how long you are spending on tasks. Keep up the excellent work!

Most time working on tasks
Josua (Yr 11), Kian (Yr 10), William (Yr 8), Leon (Yr 8), Jodie (Yr 8), Mia (Yr 10), Summer (Yr 8), Sophia (Yr 9), Thalia (Yr 7), Shaianna (Yr 9), Alfie (Yr 7), Keeley (Yr 8), Sophie (Yr 8) and Omoyemwen (Yr 10).

Most tasks completed
Emily (Yr 10), Julin (Yr 9), Sophia (Yr 9), Alfie (Yr 7), Mia (Yr 10), Owen (Yr 8) and Holly (Yr 10)

Improved levels of independent work
Logan (Yr 10), Daniel (Yr 9), Reece (Yr 10), Josh (Yr 10) and Charlie (Yr 10)       

Consistent level of independent study
Lillie (Yr 9), Emilio (Yr 9), Theresa (Yr 9), Dhruv (Yr 9), Kylie (Yr 8), Odelia (Yr 9), Alyson (Yr 10), Karla (Yr 10), Milly (Yr 10), Chinnu (Yr 10) and Billy (Yr 11). 




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