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Prizegiving 2020

Prizegiving 2020 winners have been announced by St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School!

At St Bernadette’s we have a long-established tradition of an annual Prize giving Evening which is held to celebrate the achievements, efforts and contribution of St Bernadette pupils. Traditions are things that are passed down from generation to generation and engender belonging. They can reinforce values and beliefs; things which we are committed to doing at St Bernadette’s. Traditions remain constant in a changing world.

The past few months have certainly been evidence of a changing world and things are likely to remain different for some time. Unfortunately, we are not able to gather in our School Hall for an evening Prize giving event at this time, because of the current Coronavirus restrictions. We can however keep the tradition of celebrating and praising our pupils very much alive.

The pupils named and pictured in the booklet that accompanies this news article have all been nominated by faculty teams and pastoral staff for their individual achievements and efforts in the named areas. At St Bernadette’s we regularly talk of excellence and these pupils embody that excellence and enrich our school community. We are proud of all of them and look forward to presenting them with their certificates and prizes when we are able to do so.

Our congratulations go to all of our excellent prize winners. Through their attitudes, choices, efforts and achievements during this academic year, they have grown as St Bernadette scholars and strengthened our traditions and our identity as a community of faith and of learning. Well done and thank you!

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