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Quick Links

Using Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the main tool that St Bernadette's uses to communicate work to pupils.

Below is a video for parents on where to look for tasks within Google Classroom. Please note that you will need to logged in as your child to be able to do this.

Pupils should be very familiar with Google Classroom as they use it each time they have a Computing or Business lesson in school. It is also used by many other subjects to submit photographs of their work completed in exercise books, as well as by all subjects to share worksheets and homework tasks.

Google Classroom can be accessed via the school website (via the 'Useful Links' menu) or by downloading the app from the iOS or Google Play Store. The login details the students need are their school email address, and their school password (please contact info@stberns.bristol.sch.uk if your child does not know their details).

There are lots of helpful videos and guides to using different aspects of Google Classroom online, particularly YouTube. Simply search for what it is you want to do.

Below are links to various support guides and videos that Google have created for completing basic tasks in Classroom. These support guides are tailored to the different devices you might be using Classroom on, such as a computer, an Android device or an Apple device.

 View work for a class or classes

Complete work in a document a teacher assigned to you

Hand in a piece of work that has been completed

Note that included in the video are instructions on how to upload a piece of work or a photograph to the assignment.