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Quick Links

Transition to St Bernadette's

On this page, you will find lots of information about joining St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School.

Here is an important message from Mr Walker, our Headteacher.


Next, Mrs Garrett talks about Learning and Scholarship


 Mr Yandell has a video about Striving for Excellence


Ms Rea talks about how to have a positive start at St Bernadette's


Mr Leiblich tells us about School Life


Have a look at some of our lessons in this tour video

Mrs Whalley has a message about supporting literacy



Meet your Tutor

7 Charity - Ms Liddle



 7 Faith - Ms Oates


7 Hope - Mr Hodge


7 Peace - Ms Fox


 7 Verity - Mr Stephens


 Important Documents

Click the links below to download important documents that relate to starting at St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School.

Transition Booklet

Summer Activity Booklet

Ready to Learn