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Please click here to view a list of FAQs regarding Remote Learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Remote Learning during unscheduled school closures (snow days etc.)

On rare occasions it may be necessary to shut the school if it is not safe for students and staff to access the school site, for example, in the event of severe adverse weather. Under these circumstances teachers will set work remotely via Google Classroom following the normal timetable of that school day.

Where possible students should complete this work remotely and hand it in via Google Classroom as directed by their teacher.

Please click here for further details on Google Classroom.

Remote Learning during the Coronavirus Pandemic

What will happen if my child is not in school?

We have been working to ensure that if your child is not able to be in school because they have to isolate, they can continue with their education from home.

Teachers will continue to plan and set lessons in line with the normal daily timetable. In this way pupils can follow their normal timetable and know which subjects to expect work from each day.

We are working to ensure that as far as possible, teachers set work for their own pupils and classes.

Teachers will also be setting work that continues the learning that has been taking place in school. In this way pupils can pick up their work alongside the rest of their class when they are able to return to school. This will minimise any gaps in their education.

Work will be set through Google Classroom which pupils can access via a phone, tablet or computer. They can download the app or login using a web browser. To log in, pupils use their school Google email account (pupils will be used to using Google Classroom for their homework so this should be familiar to them).

Through Google Classroom teachers can set activities, share resources, provide pupils with worksheets and quizzes to complete and provide links to many other resources. They will also be able to use Google docs, slides and sheets when they are using their school Google email account.

In many cases teachers will be setting work for pupils who are isolating as well as continuing to teach classes which are in school.

If we do arrive at the situation where a whole class has to isolate then we will be working to ensure that during a sequence of four lessons at least one lesson will be a live lesson and the majority of the other three lessons will be recorded or narrated by the class teacher..

We understand that there are many pupils who may have to share computers with other family members and who are not able to access live lessons. By providing recorded lessons pupils will be able to access these at a convenient time.

We do understand that working remotely can be challenging for pupils (as well as parents!) but we also believe that it is important to try and ensure that there is as little disruption to their education as possible.

We want all of our pupils to be successful scholars and to be successful in their learning. Two aspects of scholarship we promote with pupils are; that they seek to become Independent Learners, capable of working unsupervised and managing their time sensibly and take Personal Responsibility for their learning, by managing and completing their work outside of school. During any period of isolation from school we hope that all pupils will take the opportunity to develop these qualities, which are valuable for life.

To prepare for this situation you may wish to check that your child can access Google Classroom and perhaps to show you how it works. If your child is unable to access the work remotely please contact the school and we will make alternative arrangements.