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Pastoral Structure

At St Bernadette's, we value a close support network for every student. 

Each pupil is assigned to a tutor group when they join the school in Year 7. They remain in that tutor group for the 5 years in school. All tutor groups are mixed ability and mixed gender. 

The tutor is the first point of contact for the majority of queries you may have. This flow chart shows clearly who to contact with a query.

Year 7

The Year 7 team is led by their Achievement Coordinator Ms Cavill.

Tutor Group Tutor
7 Charity Ms Preece
7 Faith Ms Osman
7 Hope Mr Ford/Ms S Fox
7 Peace Ms Bradbury
7 Verity Mr Lam

Year 8

The Year 8 team is led by their Achievement Coordinator Mrs Holland.

Tutor Group Tutor
8 Charity  Ms Liddle/Mr Leadbeater
8 Faith Mr Stutt/Ms O'Connor
8 Hope Ms Donkin/Ms Reed
8 Peace Ms H Fox
8 Verity  Mr Stephens

 Year 9

The Year 9 team is led by their Achievement Coordinator Mrs Rea.

Tutor Group Tutor
9 Charity  Ms Howarth
9 Faith  Ms Mondair
9 Hope  Mr Lees
9 Peace  Ms Warner
9 Verity  Mr McMullan/Mrs Ross

 Year 10

The Year 10 team is led by their Achievement Coordinator Mr Hodge.

Tutor Group Tutor
10 Charity Ms Gamble
10 Faith Ms Fleet
10 Hope Mr Heath
10 Peace Ms Marron
10 Verity Mr Crawshaw

Year 11

The Year 11 team is led by their Achievement Coordinator Ms Johnson.

Tutor Group Tutor
11 Charity   Mr Leoni
11 Faith Ms Taylor
11 Hope Ms Brown
11 Peace Ms Mr James/Ms Edwards
11 Verity Ms Sutherland/Ms Strachan

There are two tutor groups, Joy and Wisdom, which are based in the Learning Hub. These are led by Mr Duffied and Ms Rios-Alcantara.

Other members of the Pastoral Team

As well as the Tutors and Achievements Coordinators there are other key members of the staff who support pupils on a daily basis.

Pastoral Lead - Mr Barr
Behaviour Coordinator - Mrs Milsom
ARC Manager - Mrs Winterson
Learning Engagement Worker - Ms Gough

Support Leaflets

Please find below a range of Support Leaflets to help you with different areas of school life. There are also useful links to different areas of the school website.

 Useful Links

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