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Our Teaching Staff

English and Drama

Ms S Strachan - Head of Learning
Mrs K Sutherland
Mrs N Osman
Ms J Close
Miss A Cocksedge
Ms A Bradbury
Ms N Abdul-Jabbar
Ns N Cavill


Mrs S O'Connor - Head of Learning
Mr T Heath
Ms M Gamble
Ms E Oates
Ms M Taylor
Mr M Leoni
Ms E Seed
Mrs J Johnson


Mrs A Ross - Head of Learning
Ms U Brown
Ms H Reed
Mrs C Mondair
Ms S Ryan
Mrs A Woodley
Mr T Nadin

Religious Education

Mr D Leiblich - Head of Learning
Mr A Lees
Ms H Fox
Mr M Stutt
Ms J Howarth


Mr J Ford - Head of Learning
Mrs K Gilbert
Mr D McMullan
Mr J Barr
Ms J Howarth

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs J Whalley - Head of Learning
Ms I Esparza
Ms S Edwards
Ms P Sanchez 

Business, Computing, Music and Health & Social

Mr D James - Head of Learning
Mr A Stephens
Ms C Warner
Mrs J Garrett
Mr S Spurrell 

Art & Design Technology

Mr P Leadbeater - Head of Learning
Ms S Fox
Ms R Marriott
Mr M Hodge
Ms D Williams
Ms S Rogers
Ms T Owen 

Physical Education

Mr P Leadbeater - Head of Learning
Ms E Liddle
Mr M Yandell
Mr J Archer 

Learning Support

Mrs J Whalley - SENDCO
Mr R Duffield
Ms L Rios-Alcantara