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Letter from the Head

It seems like a long time ago that I wrote to you all in the first week of this term. The weather has certainly started to shift from summer to autumn and our students are settling back into their stride for the new academic year. As a community we should be very proud of the efforts that the children have made in the new school year to re-engage with school life and their learning. Uniform has been excellent, behaviour has
been exemplary and students are working very hard in their lessons.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic we are not completely back to business as usual, but we have made strides to ensure that the school is as close to a normal St Bernadette experience as it can be. It has been fantastic to see the students reengaging with some of the extra-curricular provision that we have been able to put back in place and to see many of our sports teams begin to practice and take part in fixtures
again. We have also been pleased to be able to facilitate a careers experience for Year 11. Year 11 were able to meet employers and engage in a range of activities to give them a taste of the work place and possible future careers. You may also notice that the school website has been extensively updated, I encourage you to look at some
of the changes that we have made.

This term we have been concentrating on Community and Participation as our Catholic Social Teaching focus. The last two years have meant that we have not always been able to come together as a community as we have been able to do in the past. It has been joyous to be able to have students in a reduced form of school assemblies and
services. We have been able to remind ourselves of those bonds of community and have been able to more actively participate in school life. God did not create us to be alone, it is essential that we continue to grow these bonds of community and that our students enjoy and celebrate being part of the St Bernadette Community.

It is important to remember that for many there will continue to be difficult times ahead but we know that through working in partnership, developing our sense of community and by helping to support one another we will grow in strength together. It is in the joy and hope that we see in the young people of St Bernadette that we can truly be hopeful for the future.

Mr Walker