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KS3 English

Curriculum Overview

The English Key Stage 3 curriculum has been designed to ensure that students have a rich experience of a diverse range of texts, as well as being challenging and supported to write regularly.

Inter-leaved learning is fundamental to the curriculum, so that students build on and retain their knowledge as the key stage progresses. Students will be given the chance to access a range of challenging literary texts and will read and respond to a variety of contemporary and classical fiction and non-fiction. 

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed using the St Bernadette Key Stage 3 grading criteria. This uses criteria numbered 1 to 6 that focuses on reading skills, writing skills and speaking and listening.

Teachers will assess students as work is completed and marked and an end of unit multiple choice quiz will also be used to assess the knowledge students have retained.

Students will also have a reading and writing examination in the summer term assessing their progress in relation to the St Bernadette Key Stage 3 grading criteria, which will also show whether they are at the expected levels of progress.

Important Overview Documents

Curriculum Rationale
Key Learning Steps
Year 7 Road Map
Year 8 Road Map
Year 9 Road Map
Reading PLC (Use for all modules)
Writing PLC (Use for all modules)


Year 7: Middle to modern day language use

Knowledge Organiser: A Monster Calls

Knowledge Organiser: My Sister Lives on a Mantelpiece

Year 8: Vices and virtues of humanity

Knowledge Organiser

Year 9: Diversity in life and literature

Knowledge Organiser: I am Malala Purple Hibiscus

Knowledge Organiser: A View from the Bridge

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