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Homework is essential to successful learning in many subjects. It gives children the opportunity to practise what has been learnt in class; it provides opportunities for self-discovery, helping them to acquire greater knowledge and understanding.

Homework Policy

At St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School homework is an essential part of our curriculum. Our aim is for homework to be:
  • Purposeful (i.e. an integral part of learning)

  • Impactful (embeds knowledge)

  • Accessible (has various levels of access to challenge learners of different abilities)

  • Proportionate (increasing the time commitment as students progress through the school)

  • Manageable (does not create an unnecessary burden which detracts from family life and leisure time)

  • Informative (can be assessed quickly and easily so the teacher understands how the child is progressing) .

At Key Stage Three students are set 30 minutes of homework per week for core subjects. For subjects, where the students have fewer lessons, homework is set fortnightly.

At Key Stage Four, students are set 45 minutes of homework per subject per week. Students will generally be given 1 week to complete each task.

Homework will fall under one of these categories

  • Literacy based learning such as reading or spellings of key words and definitions

  • Learning sections of Knowledge Organisers

  • Using Personal Learning Checklists to review learning

  • Using e- learning packages to review learning

  • At KS4, independent practice of examination skills

Each of these activities forms part of a step by step process of building knowledge in order to prepare for termly knowledge based tests. The end of term knowledge based test results will be recorded and reported.

In class, completion of homework activities will be reviewed at the beginning of the lesson on a weekly basis.

Class Charts Homework

To ensure your pupils are keeping on top of homework you can use the Class Charts Homework module to view your homework process remotely. The Homework Module will make it easy for you to effectively track and set homework and see any other necessary information.

It will provide visibility and transparency regarding the homework details and deadlines your child has received from school.

Pupils and parents/carers will need to receive login details to their Class Charts accounts. These are usually sent out at the start of each year for our new Year 7's, or by request through the office if the details have been lost.

  • For pupils, this will allow you to see homework relevant to you.
  • For parents, you will be able to see what homework/announcements your child has received.

Class Charts Homework can be tracked through the Pupil/Parent Class Charts mobile app, or website.

Click here for a basic overview of the tracker options.

Click here to view the official Getting started with Pupil Accounts full guide.

Click here for a video on how to login and use Class Charts homework as a student.

Class Charts Homework may be used alongside Google Classroom depending on the task being set. Some information on Classroom is below.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of the Google Workspace for our students. They have a classroom for each subject. Students may find classwork and resources for homework in the classroom for a particular subject.

Parents do not have access to this, students have the login details which are the same as their email.

All homework tasks are set within Class Charts for you to monitor but the task itself may be linked to Google Classroom. If this is the case students should submit the work via the classroom and mark it as completed in Classcharts. 

Using Google Classroom

For information on how to use Google Classroom, please click here.