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GCSE English

Curriculum Overview

English is both a knowledge and skills-based subject. This means that pupils continue to improve their skills in production of written and spoken English, their ability to receive what they read or hear and their ability to write with technical accuracy.

They also gain great knowledge from English Literature, including theories of Literature and cultural capital from the study of Literature across the ages. Pupils study different texts and modules each year but are marked against their progress using reading, writing and speaking and listening criteria.

How will I be assessed?

By the end of Year 11 you will be assessed on:

AQA Literature GCSE: Paper 1 - Shakespeare and Unseen Poetry.
AQA Literature GCSE: Paper 2 - Modern Text (Animal Farm), the Poetry Anthology (Power and Conflict) and the 19th Century Novel (to be confirmed in exam year 2023)

AQA Language GCSE: Non-exam Assessment: Speaking and Listening: a 3 – 5 minute speech in front of a small audience with questions posed at the end.
Language GCSE: Paper 1 - Fiction Reading and Fiction Writing
Language GCSE: Paper 2 – Non-Fiction Reading and Writing

Important Overview Documents

Curriculum Rationale
Curriculum Rationale - Update for 2022/23 academic year
Key Learning Steps
Year 10 and 11 Language Road Map
Year 10 and 11 Literature Road Map 
Personalised Learning Checklist - Literature (use for Y10 and Y11)
Personalised Learning Checklist - Language (use for Y10 and Y11)


Literature - Shakespeare

Knowledge Organiser - Romeo and Juliet
Personalised Learning Checklist - Romeo and Juliet
Knowledge Organiser - Merchant of Venice
Personalised Learning Checklist - Merchant of Venice
Knowledge Organiser - Macbeth
Personalised Learning Checklist - Macbeth
Practice Questions - Romeo and Juliet
Practice Questions - Merchant of Venice
Practice Questions - Macbeth

Literature - A Christmas Carol or The Sign of Four

Knowledge Organiser - A Christmas Carol
Personalised Learning Checklist - A Christmas Carol
Knowledge Organiser - Sign of Four
Personalised Learning Checklist - Sign of Four
Practice Questions - A Christmas Carol
Practice Questions - Sign of Four

Literature - Animal Farm

Knowledge Organiser
Personalised Learning Checklist
Practice Questions

Literature - Poetry

Knowledge Organiser - Unseen Poetry
Personalised Learning Checklist - Unseen Poetry
Knowledge Organiser - Anthology of Poems
Personalised Learning Checklist - Anthology of Poems
Practice Questions

Language - Reading Fiction

Knowledge Organiser
Personalised Learning Checklist

Language - Creative Writing

Knowledge Organiser
Personalised Learning Checklist

Language - Reading Non-Fiction

Knowledge Organiser
Personalised Learning Checklist

Language - Writing Non-Fiction

Knowledge Organiser
Personalised Learning Checklist

Spelling and Grammar

Knowledge Organiser

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