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At St Bernadette’s we aim for each pupil to fulfil their potential. In order to achieve this aim teachers have to plan and deliver suitable and stimulating lessons and pupils must ensure they make the most of every learning opportunity. This also means that pupils must behave in a way which helps their learning and that of fellow pupils.

Ready to Learn at St Bernadette’s

As a school we are committed to achieving excellence in all that we do and our Excellence Wheel symbolises this.

The Excellence Wheel and our school rules focus on a St Bernadette’s pupil being ready, responsible and committed to making the most of all opportunities.

Our behaviour system at St Bernadette's is called Ready to Learn. Ready to Learn is an approach which covers all aspects of school life, ensuring fairness and consistency and maximising achievement and success.

At the heart of Ready to Learn at St Bernadette’s is the belief that all pupils can and should take responsibility for their actions and their learning.

We have built Ready to Learn around our school rules and the basic expectation that every St Bernadette’s pupil is expected to:

  • Be respectful
  • Be organised
  • Be dedicated

Understanding Ready to Learns and the Warnings system in class

understanding ready to learn and the warnings system in class.pdf

Mobile Phones

Please find below two important documents relating to our mobile phone policy.

mobile phone rationale.pdf


mobile phones consequences structure.pdf

 Behaviour Booklet

behaviour booklet.pdf