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All pupils must wear the correct uniform at all times, as outlined below. The correct uniform reflects the high standards and order in our school.  Pupils are expected to take a pride in their appearance. Uniform should be clearly marked with owner’s full name. To order uniform please visit our providers website

General School Uniform



  • Plain black school skirt, of modest length OR plain black school trousers -no belts/ buckles/laces, not tight fitting/flared
  • School Blazer with badge
  • School tie
  • White school shirt – (not polo) to be tucked in at all times
  • White/black socks or tights
  • Black school shoes - no platforms, high heels, trainers, daps or other canvas/leather shoes such as 'Vans & Converse' [maximum heel height = 5cm]
  • Sensible school coat/jacket - no suede, denim, leather or imitation leather


Black school jumper with green neck trim, which can be purchasd from our supplier, may be worn with the blazer but is not compulsory. 

  • Plain black school trousers
  • School Blazer with badge
  • School tie
  • White school shirt – (not polo) to be tucked in at all times
  • Dark socks
  • Black school shoes (without logos) suitable for a working environment- no trainers, daps or other canvas/leather shoes such as 'Vans & Converse'
  • Sensible school coat/jacket - no suede, denim, leather or imitation leather

PE Kit - Boys and Girls

  • School rugby shirt
  • Black shorts or black jogging bottoms
  • Black socks
  • Plain white t-shirt (school logo optional - no other logos allowed)
  • Training shoes – not black soled
  • Rugby/soccer/hockey boots – studded for field use


The following items only are permitted:-

  • One pair gold/silver studs or small sleepers worn in the ear lobe
  • One chain – worn inside shirt/jumper
  • One ring
  • NO nose-studs, or other body piercings – covered or uncovered

Excess jewellery will be confiscated and kept until the end of term.

General Uniform Rules

The following rules must be adhered to:

  • All hairstyles must be NEAT, TIDY and appropriate for the work place
  • No extremes of haircut or hair-fashion will be allowed e.g. tramlines or patterns shaved into the hair, stripes of contrasting colour
  • Hair should not obscure the face as this interferes with learning
  • If hair is dyed it should be a natural hair colour e.g. blonde, brown, black
  • In practical lessons such as Technology, Science, P.E, Art, long hair must be tied back for safety reasons
  • Eyebrows should not be shaved

Parents who are unsure of these guidelines should consult with the Achievement Co-ordinator before the pupil has the haircut or hairstyle.

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