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Attendance and Punctuality

This year the attendance across the school has been 94% which Ofsted deem as good. We have 5% of pupils with 100% attendance and over 75% with attendance over 90%. Our aim is that every pupil have attendance that is 95% or better.

We understand that some absence due to illness is unavoidable but we always ask for notes or a phone call to explain every absence even for multiple days of illness as we have to account for every single day a pupil is absent. Many parents use the absence line to let us know of their child’s illness which is very useful. The number is 0117 377 2350. This really helps us and is the most efficient way to record your child’s absence.

A Change to Family Holidays Taken During Term Time
In the past if your child’s attendance has been above 92% we have been able to authorise up to ten days of holiday during term time. The Department for Education (DFE) has changed the rules regarding this.

From September 2013 schools are not allowed to authorise any holidays during term time. If a family chooses to take a holiday during term time it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence i.e. not agreed by the school. In certain circumstances the DFE are also expecting schools to issue a penalty notice, which is a legally enforceable fine. If these are used the money is collected by Bristol City Council. We will send out detailed information on all aspects of attendance in September.

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